Advanced VFR Flying

FCA would like to introduce a new series of Advanced VFR Flying classes. $100 per class in your aircraft (or you can rent one of ours). Includes about 0.5 ground and 1.5 airtime. These are introductory and not geared to make someone proficient in these areas, but aware how they work.

Optional Classes to choose from on real scenario based training:

1.) Steep Spirals   - 70 kts, 55 degrees of bank, idle power, down you go.

2.) Night flying      - Remember the basics and cues, or lack thereof. Night current?

3.) Grass landings - Don't make your first grass landing during an emergency.

4.) Chandelles        - Don't be trapped in a canyon, learn a maximum performance climbing turn.

5.) Busy airspace    - let's find a good Class C airspace and to touch and go's. PVD, MHT?

6.) Advanced Hood - Sure, years ago you did your 3 hours minimum. But can you get out of        


7.) MCA Flying  - Let's get the stall horn squeaking while your turning and flying. It's ok!

8.) Know Your Airplane Better - designed specifically for you and the plane you fly.

9.) Learn a Basic ILS and/or GPS approach - Wonder how to load and fly an approach? Its easy.

10.) Impossible Turn - We can start at about 3000 ft and work on that turn. Does it work?

11.) Slips-Slides and Stalls - Yeah, let's refresh these important maneuvers.

12.) One we haven't listed that you want?

Please contact us at 978-345-0373 to find one or more of these classes to custom fit your flying.