Cirrus Transition

We offer a Cirrus Transition Course to teach you technically advanced aircraft systems. Our Cirrus aircraft's features such as: two glass cockpit Avidyne display screens, Garmin 430 GPS units, S-Tec Autopilots, CMAX, EMAX and TKS.

The Cirrus also is the only aircraft factory built with a ballistic parachute. Cruises at 145 kts and automated with state of the art systems. Once you've transitioned, yes, we rent that same aircraft for you to enjoy and take your family flying.

Interested?  Here's how it works! There's some ground, some flying, and you'll be flying the cirrus to NYC in no time!  



FCA Cirrus Transition Training Course

A. Pre-Training

  1. Cirrus SR20  and SR22 Workbooks

B. Flight:

  1. Prior to flight we will sit down for about 1 hour and go through a PowerPoint presentation on the basics of the aircraft emphasizing the electrical set-up.
  2. We'll do a short SIM to show electrical failures.
  3. Do a thorough pre-flight walk around.
  4. Start, Taxi, Run-up
  5. Flight:
    • Basic Maneuvers
    • Emergency procedures 
    • Landings

Normally We break those 5 items up into 2 Days:

  • Day 1 - (Ground)
    • PowerPoint
    • Review Workbook
    • SIM and Walk Around
  • Day 2 - (Flight)
    • 'Walk Around' Pre-Flight
    • Flight
  • Subsequent Days - Flights to Proficiency

Instrument Checkout will include approaches using full automation and hand flown to proficiency.

Any questions?  Don't hesitate to call (978)-345-0373