Commercial License

A Commercial Pilot's License allows you to be hired for a number of flying operations. Tour pilots, Flight Instructors, Charter pilots; just to name a few of the possibilities that holders of a Commercial License can be involved with. You must be at least 18 years of age and hold at least a Private License prior to obtaining your Commercial License.

 The three areas involved with obtaining a Commercial License are:

  1. At least a current third class medical certificate to obtain the license and at least a second class medical to exercise the privileges of the CPL.
  2. A flight exam with an FAA designated examiner
  3. An FAA computerized written knowledge test

Flight Proficiency

  • 250 hours total time (at least 100 in powered aircraft, 50 in airplanes)

  • 100 hours pilot in command time including 50 hours in airplanes, 50 hours of cross country (10 in airplanes)

  • 20 hours of dual training to include at least 10 hours of instrument training (5 must be in a single engine airplane) , and 10 hours in an airplane that has retractable gear, flaps, and a controllable pitch propeller,1 day VFR cross country lasting at least 2 hours, and 100nm from the original departure point, 3 hours in a single engine airplane within  60 days of the flight test, 1 night VFR cross country of 2 hour duration, 100nm from original point of departure.

  • 10 hours of solo flight that includes 1 cross country of at least 300nm total length to at least 3 airports, with one leg being at least 250nm, 5 hours of night VFR  to include 10 takeoffs and 10 landings at an airport with an operating control tower.

FAA Computerized Written Exam

As with all FAA computerized exams, the questions are released and printed publicly for all to see. This exam must be passed (70% or better) prior to the flight examination. Contact us to find your nearest testing center.


Students who come to us to get their commercial certificates bring with them a vast array of experience. Therefore, there is no average cost for getting the Commercial license. Your overall costs will highly depend on previous requirements and the number of hours needed to bring you up to the required minimums.