Congratulations to our distinguished CFII!


Fitchburg, MA – JAMES POWELL has been recognized for his high standard of flight instruction by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the world’s largest aviation association. POWELL has been awarded a spot on the Flight Training Experience Awards as a Distinguished Flight Instructor, a title given to high scoring flight instructors from AOPA’s 2018 Flight Training Experience Survey.

AOPA’s Flight Training Experience Awards were created to highlight the best flight training the industry has to offer. “This year’s group of schools and CFIs were especially close as we analyzed the results of the 2018 Flight Training Experience Survey,” said Chris Moser, director of AOPA’s Flight Training Initiative.  “It gives me great confidence to both hear about some incredible flight training providers and to see how much their customers truly value them.”

Powell said; “I am both honored and humbled by this prestigious award. I would not have been rcognized without the input from so many students and clients, so I am extremely grateful for their time to endorse me. I could also not be as successful without the day-to-day support from our other highly esteemed instructors and our attentive management team at FCA Flight Center.”

The 2018 awards were drawn from flight students and pilots who voluntarily reviewed their flight training experience last summer through an AOPA online customer satisfaction survey. The process yielded an evaluation of 1,048 different flight schools and 2,012 individual flight instructors.   

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