FCA Discovery Flights $ 149.00 Real Flying, no flight sim!

FCA Discovery Flights

Designed for someone who really wants to experience a FULL HOUR of FLYING time. Not just an intro flight, but a lesson worthy of a log book entry.
Our Certified Flight Instructors know how to cram a lot of fun into an hour of flying and include the preflight inspection and post flight briefing.
You will be in the controls from the left seat of a Cessna aircraft. Learning how to live in three dimensions. How and why the plane flies, how we navigate, radio phraseology, landmarks, airspace restrictions and a whole lot more.
Makes for a great Mothers day or Fathers day, graduations, birthdays or buy one for yourself. One they'll always thank you for and remember. Caution: the fun of flying can be addictive and subsequent lessons are possible!
Subject to FAA restrictions.

Cost for the FCA Discovery Flight only $ 149.00.