Flight Instructor

Give back to aviation by becoming a Certified Flight Instructor and raising the next group of pilots.  You must be at least 18 years of age and hold at least a Commercial License prior to obtaining your Flight Instructor License.

The three areas involved with obtaining a Flight Instructor License are:

  1. At least a current third class medical certificate to obtain the license and to exercise the privileges of the CFI.
  2. A flight exam with an FAA designated examiner
  3. An FAA computerized written knowledge test

Flight Proficiency

Have logged 15 hours as Pilot in Command in the same category and class of aircraft appropriate to the flight instructor rating sought.


FAA Computerized Written Exam

As with all FAA computerized exams, the questions are released and printed publicly for all to see. This exam must be passed (70% or better) prior to the flight examination. Contact us to find your nearest testing center.


Students who come to us to get their Flight Instructor certificates bring with them a vast array of experience. Therefore, there is no average cost for getting the Flight Instructor license.