Medical Certificate

A current medical certificate is required to solo and rent our airplanes. Please contact us to find out where local Aviation Medical Examiners are located.

You must pass a medical exam administered by an FAA certified examiner (not your local family doctor). Upon completion of the exam, a certificate is issued which is good for 5 years (2 if you are over 40). After the expiration date, you must pass another medical exam. There are 3 classes of medical certificate. The one you should apply for is dependent upon your purpose for flying. It is advisable to obtain your medical certificate early on in training to assure that you have no medical conditions that would disqualify you from being able to hold a medical. You must have a valid medical certificate in your possession when you solo the airplane (or act as pilot in command, or as a required crewmember).

  • third class medical is the minimum level you need to exercise the privileges of a Student Pilot Certificate and Private Pilots License. This is the least expensive medical exam. This class of medical is good for 5 years (2 years if over 40 years of age).

  • second class medical is the class of medical you need to utilize the privileges of a Commercial Pilot’s License (except flight instructing – 3rd). This class of medical is good for 1 year before it downgrades itself to third class privileges. If you get a second class medical, it is good as a second class for 1 year, and then good as a third class for 4 more years (only 1 year if over 40).

  • A first class medical is needed to exercise the privileges of an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATP). This class of medical is good for 12 months (6 months if over 40) while flying as an ATP or as a commercial pilot. After the specified time period, the medical downgrades to a third class medical until the end of the 5th year (2nd if over 40).