Payment & Refund Policy

FCA has several options for payment for flight training and pilot supplies. Most of our customers establish pre-payment accounts with the company. Charges for flight training and supplies are deducted from that account on a flight-by-flight basis at the conclusion of your lesson or rental. Customers may also pay for their training, rentals, or supplies on an individual basis. FCA accepts cash, checks, Visa, and MasterCard.

FCA encourages our customers who choose the pre-payment option, to maintain a positive balance in their pre-pay accounts. Our pre-payment program offers our customers a bonus of 3% for a pre-payment of a minimum $500.00. The bonus is determined by the amount on deposit for a minimum of 24 hours. Cash bonus can only be applied for deposits of check or cash, please.

The following refund policy applies to all funds in a customer's pre-payment account:

  • The funds deposited in a customer’s account may be withdrawn at any time upon written notice to the company. Pre-payment bonus credits are not available for refund, and will be deducted. The remaining funds will be available for refund within 30 days of the written notice.
  • Funds in an account which has been inactive for two (2) or more years will only be credited for flight training or pilot supplies.
  • FCA has no obligation to maintain records for accounts more that five (5) years old, and will provide refunds as above only if sufficient information exists in the company’s records.