Rental Policy

Check Out Policy

Aircraft may be rented to qualified pilots following completion of a thorough checkout with an FCA Flight Center, Inc. (FCA) Instructor.  A minimum of 3 hours in type for Cessna aircraft and 5 hours in type for Cirrus aircraft are required, please note that these are minimums only actual checkout time may exceed minimums.

All pilots must maintain currency as defined in FAR 61.57.   Additionally, renter pilots are required to fly an FCA Flight Center aircraft every 60 days.  Pilots outside the 60-day currency require a check ride with an FCA flight instructor prior to aircraft rental.

Student pilots must fly at least each 60 days after initial solo endorsement, and comply with FAR 61.87.  Also, student pilots must check in with the Chief Pilot or his/her flight instructor prior to flight.

Students or renters who demonstrate dangerous behavior, damage the aircraft or airport property, or do not follow FCA policy may have their aircraft checkout reevaluated or rescinded.  FCA reserves the right to rescind aircraft checkouts at any time without notice.

Renter pilots as well as solo students must have, and present copies to FCA of, non-owned (renters) insurance with a minimum hull value based on the following aircraft being flown:

Cessna 152 $10,000 Hull

Cessna 172& Cirrus SR-20 $20,000 Hull

Rental Time Guarantees

FCA Flight Center requires the following billable flight hours for FULL DAY rental of its aircraft. 

*FULL DAY is defined as 7 or more hours during the day, or more than 1 consecutive day unless otherwise approved by FCA staff. 

Billed at 3 hours/day or Actual Hobbs time, whichever is higher ~ Weekdays Mon.-Fri.

Billed at 4 hours/day or Actual Hobbs time, whichever is higher ~ Sat. Sun. and Holidays.

The renter is responsible for all fees including, but not limited to, tie down fees, overnight parking, landing fees, handling fees, preheat fees and deicing when not at the Fitchburg Municipal Airport.

Renters will be reimbursed fuel charges at the current FCA rate provided original fuel receipts are turned in on the day the aircraft is returned.

Flight training in FCA Flight Center aircraft will only be conducted with FCA Flight Center flight instructors unless specifically approved by the Owner or Chief Pilot.

Weathered In

If weather is a problem, please notify FCA as soon as possible. If you are unable to return due to weather and need to rent a car, you are encouraged to do so. No pilot should be overcome by “get-home-itis” or should fly in weather they’re not comfortable or qualified to fly in. If an aircraft is left at a different airport, the pilot is responsible for the return of the aircraft. In some cases, pilots will need to pay for another pilot and aircraft to retrieve the plane. If weather is a problem, rental minimums will not be enforced. Remember safety first!


FCA Flight Center pilots are permitted to land only at public use airports with a hard surface and runway length of 3000 feet or more unless approval is obtained from the chief pilot.

Aircraft parked overnight must be tied down or parked inside a hanger.  Renter pilots will be responsible for damage to aircraft not properly tied down and secured.

Cross Country/Non-Local Flight

Renters and students who plan to use FCA aircraft for cross country or non-local flight must fill out the flight details section when making their reservation through Flight Schedule Pro.  Additionally, renters and students are encouraged to have a flight plan with FSS on file. FCA reserves the right to forbid landings at particular airports.

Student Solo

Students wishing to solo FCA aircraft must abide by FCA Student Rules as well as all rules presented in this document. 

The first three (3) student solos must have a CFI present and monitoring the flight, afterward a student may reserve and fly aircraft that they are checked out in unless otherwise restricted by their instructor.

Students must always fill out the flight details portion of their reservation.

Before/After Hours Rental

Pilots wishing to depart before or after office hours are responsible for contacting the flight desk the afternoon of their flight to ensure the aircraft book and any headsets are prepared for them.

Headsets will be left by the rudder pedals (pilot side) and the aircraft book will be in the lock box on the back of the terminal building.  Please contact the desk for the gate code and lock box code prior to your flight.

Aircraft Condition

Refrain from smoking, eating and drinking in any FCA Flight Center Aircraft.

 All aircraft must be returned in a clean condition or cleaning charges will be assessed.

 Upon accepting an aircraft for flight, pilots will report any un-airworthy or housekeeping condition to FCA personnel prior to flight.  Failure to notify FCA Flight Center prior to flight will result in the assumption of responsibility by the last pilot flying the aircraft.

 Aircraft damage during rental will be assessed at the current rate for repairs.

Prohibited Maneuvers

Unless otherwise authorized:

 No pilot will perform spins or aerobatics in FCA aircraft unless an authorized FCA instructor is on board.

 No student pilot shall perform slow flight, stalls, power off emergency procedures or operate below 1500’ except in the traffic pattern.

Right To Refuse Service

FCA has the right to refuse aircraft rental and flight instruction to anyone at any time. Customers demonstrating dangerous decision making skills, displaying signs of anger management problems, are disrespectful to FCA staff, refuse to follow company policies or are involved in an accident or incident may be refused rental of our aircraft. It is not our intention to refuse service but safety and the wellbeing of our staff and aircraft is our number one priority.

Accidents, Incidents & Damage

Renters and student pilots will immediately notify all accidents, incidents or any abnormality to FCA. Information shall include names and addresses of witnesses and involved parties. In the event of accident do not remove the airplane unless expressly authorized to do so by the FCA or legal controlling agency. Renters are responsible for all damage caused by renter’s negligence.

No Show Policy

Twenty-four hour cancellation notice is required.

No-shows on scheduled aircraft and/or instructor will be assessed the current NO-SHOW fee.

Management reserves the right to reschedule to a different aircraft at their discretion.

All solo renters leaving or returning evenings, weekends, or after hours will provide FCA with a copy of a valid credit card.