Flight Schedule Pro accounts are for our students and renters only, if you are looking to book a Discovery Flight or Intro Flight please click here.  If you are a student or renter looking to create an account please continue

1. Click on the Online Schedule tab on our website or click here.

2. Click on the big blue button that says "Go to the Online Schedule Now."

3. Bellow the login section of the page, click the link that says "Don't have an account? Click here to Signup!"

4. Click Continue

5. Fill out the following form

6. You have completed all of the required sections.  At this point the instructor you flew your Discovery/Intro flight with, or the instructor who did your aircraft checkout will approve you as a user and you will be able to book rentals or lessons.  You may receive an email asking you to fill out additional information.

1. After logging into to Flight Schedule Pro with your username and password through the link from the FCA Home Page. You will be brought to the FSP Home page which looks similar to the image below.  Hover over "Schedule" and click "Day."

2. You should now see our schedule for the current day.  Columns show company resources such as Aircraft, Flight Simulators, and Instructors.  Rows show times during that day.  Using this grid you can determine whether a resource is available or reserved for a selected time.  There is a legend to the left of the screen. (note: names in image have been redacted for customer privacy).

3. To book a Aircraft or lesson First click on the day you would like to fly on the calendar on the left.

4. Now find a time where all necessary resources for your flight (Aircraft only for rental, Aircraft and Instructor for Training [note: lessons require a minimum 2 hour window]) The image below shows how to book a lesson, A rental is essentially the same but without the instructor. Click on the time below the aircraft you are looking to book.

5. You will now see the window shown below

     1. Select the Reservation Type

     2. Ensure you have selected the correct aircraft (Students please discuss with your instructor about which aircraft is right for you.)

     3. Check start time

     4. Set end time (min 2 hours for students)

     5. Select Instructor (Instruction only, select the instructor you have done your discovery/intro flight in.)

     6. Click comments and add any relevant comments for your lesson or flight

     7. Click Save

6. If you go back to the schedule you should now see your reservation.  You are all set.

Need more help? Give us a call, 978-345-0373.