FCA Flight Center Staff


Jim Powell - President/Co- Owner, CFII, MEI

Jim is Chief Pilot/Instructor of the FCA Flight Center and comes to us with an incredible aviation background. Jim was Chief Pilot and Aviation Manager for National and Worldwide Fortune 500 companies. He has started, owned, and operated successful Part 135 Air Charter companies, flying many highly prominent clients including the Kennedy Family, Presidential Candidates Michael Huckabee and Mitt Romney, the President of Liberia, and the music group Boston and Natalie Cole, to name a few. Jim has accumulated over 9000 hrs with approximately 4500 hrs of which is dual given in various single-engine and multi-engine aircraft with instruction from Private through CFII candidates and maintains a 100% pass rate. Jim was one of the first instructors in the country that went through the Cirrus Standardized Instructor Training (CSIP) and assisted Cirrus with the development of the instruction manual that is currently used worldwide today. Schedule him for flight training and enjoy your lessons with another very qualified and fun FCA instructor. 

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Eugene Novacek - Co-Owner & CFO

Gene was born and raised in southeastern Michigan, he travels back there frequently to visit family, friends and his company's headquarters. He attended M.I.T. and earned both a Bachelors and Masters of Science in engineering. Gene is Founder and CEO of ENCO Systems, Inc. a software company catering to the international professional broadcast industry (radio and television) since 1983. It was Gene's travel back and forth to Michigan that sparked an interest in general aviation. Two years ago he took his first Discovery Flight here at FCA and was hooked. He now has his PPL and is working on his instrument rating. He is the proud owner of a beautiful Cirrus SR-20 with his signature tail number of N44EN. FCA is lucky to have someone so excited and passionate about flying on board.


Sims Simeonov - CFI

Sims began flying in 2012 and getting his private pilot rating in spring of 2013. He worked as an IT professional before he learned that he could get paid for flying; he decided then that the normal 9am - 5pm job was not for him. He went on to get his instrument and commercial ratings by 2015, and most recently becoming a certified flight instructor. He loves ferrying airplanes across the country. His longest flight was in a Diamond DA40 which he took on a 2400nm trip to Oregon. He loves the great outdoors, and if he's not flying, he can be found riding his motorcycle around New England. 


Bob Dube - CFII, MEI

Bob Dube is a CFII and an MEI. Bob's love for flying is obvious to all those that get to fly with him. He's fun, smart, can fly just about anything, but likes to sing. Book him if you can.


Alex Roman III - CFII, MEI

Alex Roman is a CFII and MEI. He is a great flight instructor who has plenty of real life flying experience and enjoys the dual time with his students. One of the best you'll find anywhere! Alex graduated from University of Virginia and has experience in over 30 different aircraft and has flown extensively throughout the eastern US. Alex is comfortable with primary and instrument students.


Richard Riley - CFI

Richard, nicknamed "Bo", has been an active pilot for more than 10 years. He has flown over 4000 hours including 1000 in a Cirrus SR20 and 2000 in a Cirrus SR22. Bo knows the Garmin and Avidyne systems to a T. Over 1800 hours of dual instruction given to students of all levels. Bo’s interests don’t stop at flying. Not only is Bo a professional musician who plays the French Horn, he also handcrafts harpsichords. Bo has performed as a soloist, played with the Boston Pops, Boston Ballet, Boston Philharmonic, and nearly 20 other orchestras. When not flying or performing, you can find Bo riding his BMW motorcycle, target shooting, or vacationing at his island home in Maine.


Steve Bennett - CFII

Steve is more than just an active pilot and instructor. He flies charter flights regularly for Skyline Flight throughout New England. He once owned a Skyhawk, then a Bonanza, and now flies Cirrus. He's been in the air for over 20 years. You'll be glad you trained with Steve for you primary or Instrument ratings in one of our planes or yours.


Chris Borowicz - Administration

Chris is a private pilot with an instrument rating who achieved his private pilot certificate in 42 hours in 2012. He has been flying regularly ever since. Including trips down the Hudson River corridor, visiting friends and family or just a fun flight with the Fitchburg Pilots Association. Chris helps "fly the front desk" to help finance his hobby and is happy to help you with any of your aviation goals or questions.


Dave Ross - CFI

Dave has been flying for more than 30 years.  He has a BS degree in Safety Management and carries that focus on safety into the cockpit as an instructor. He is passionate  about sharing the joy of flying with others.  Whether it is a Discovery fight, a rusty pilot who wants to get back into the cockpit or a pilot looking for some tailwheel time, Dave would be happy to fly with you.  When he is not in the cockpit, Dave is a VP in a local biopharmaceutical company.


Ben Lillie - CFII

Ben grew up in Fitchburg and was bitten by the aviation bug at a young age. He took his first discovery flight with FCA at age 12 and continued his training to finish his private pilot's license his senior year of high school. He now has a B.S. in Commercial/Corporate Aviation and loves to share his passion for aviation with others. Whether you are brand new to flying or seeking advanced ratings, schedule a lesson with Ben for some fun and informative flying.