The Cirrus TRANSITION Course

Our Cirrus Transition Training Course is custom tailored to your needs. Every Pilot’s experience and background is different, as such, we work hard to ensure a seamless, efficient, and safe transition to our Cirrus Aircraft. Our general recommendation is to first transition into the Cirrus SR-20 and then to the SR-22; however we are more than happy to perform your entire transition in our SR-22.


A. Pre-Training

Cirrus SR20  and SR22 Workbooks

B. Pre-Flight Ground

Prior to flight we will sit down for about 1 hour and go through a PowerPoint presentation on the basics of the aircraft emphasizing the electrical set-up.

  • We'll do a short SIM session to show electrical failures.

  • Do a thorough pre-flight walk around.

Training Schedule

Day 1 - (Ground)

  • PowerPoint

  • Review Workbook

  • SIM and Walk Around

Day 2 - (Flight)

  • 'Walk Around' Pre-Flight

  • Flight

Subsequent Days

  • Flights to Proficiency


  • Start

  • Taxi

  • Run-up


  • Basic Maneuvers

  • Emergency procedures

  • Landings

C. In Aircraft Education